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February 20, 2021

Also purchased from the market is a very mature technology of lithium-ion battery power. But in the case of no breakthrough in energy technology. This robot can only power for 10 minutes on its own, and then have to run around with a plug.

Or walk to a room and rely on a long power cord to power it like a vacuum cleaner.

The indicator lights of the two cold-light devices light up. There is no intelligent software to control it. There is no need to start waiting. Ye Qing shakes the index finger and thumb and turns on the preset sensor to enable the password.

“Creak ~ creak ~ creak ~”

It gently lifts the arm and operates the passive hydraulic strut inside the garment, which brings a comfortable sense of mechanical movement to the arm. So, people do not have the feeling of air waving.

The robot ten meters away, without any delay, also raised the robotic arm.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Qing raised his hands and slowly moved towards the metal box next to the robot.

On the metal box, there is a set of teapots made of purple sand, which are used to decorate the door and two small glasses.

On the metal box, there is a set of purple sand teapot used by Ye Qing to decorate the facade and two small glass worms. t

When touching the teapot made with purple sand, Ye Qing feels more nervous and complicated than the first time to loosen the elastic buckle behind the girl’s back.

Fortunately, apart from nervous, Ye Qing did not feel tired except for the tension when lifting the operating arm.

Because of the internal passive hydraulic joint, it can greatly reduce the weight of both arms.

At the scapula position, there are also two sets of hydraulic support systems, which can make the arms feel relaxed and supported, but when moving they have a rich sense of mechanical rhythmic damping.

This damping design, as the second-generation of the Mechanical Colossus Type I driver operation equipment, has received a lot of praise.

The mechanical damping sense allows the robotic arm to filter out all small, unintentional clutter.

It’s just like pressing the button on a luxury car. It’s very comfortable to feel the damping. You can’t help but press it a few times. At the same time, if you accidentally touch it, you won’t misoperate on.

This is a masterpiece of spring washer and rubber washer.

The alloy operating suit on Ye Qing’s body is composed of a multi-joint hydraulic rod made by the Master Craftsman himself. Whether it is technical difficulty or effort feedback, it is not in the same grade.

This feels like a gap between ordinary keyboards and top mechanical keyboards.

The electrical signal pressure sensor accurately captured Ye Qing’s two-handed attitude and transmitted it to the hands of the robot.

Ye Qing was softer when it approached the teapot that was simmering with tea.

The manipulator completely squeezed the purple sand pot, and when it was lifted, it shook slightly, and Ye Qing slightly increased the intensity.

The other glass was also controlled by Ye Qing and lifted up gently.

There was no difficulty in pouring water. The purple sand pot was gently aimed at the glass, but it was only slightly sprinkled and was quickly adjusted by Ye Qing.

The water cup is full, Ye Qing controls the robot and slowly puts things back.

“The first generation of domestic robots I, the first test experiment was successful.” Ye Qing opened the second video with the remote control: “The second time, the normal speed experiment.”

If you focus on home robots, you must have a speed that normal people can accept.

With such a slow pace, bomb removal experts are as careful as the speed of demolition of a bomb. And it is naturally impossible to promote it as a qualified product.

In the second test, Ye Qing no longer was cautious. But just like drinking tea and pouring water as he does it every day. He stretched out his hand and pinched the purple sand pot again.

“Click ~”

On the metal platform, this fine red clay pot with the reputation of “how to choose the jewelry of the world. It is like a pile of clay in the sun?” it was cracked into a pile of fragments.

Ye Qing had no distress. He could use a teapot with a glass to drink tea, which means that he didn’t care about these things.

With the other hand, he also uses a very natural posture to grab the glass filled with tea on the metal table.

I don’t know why this time the glass was firmly held in the hand. Only the tea in it, because the speed was too fast and a little bit spilled out.

“Experiment is half the success.” Ye Qing shook his head. It seemed that even if he was controlling the robot, he had to pay attention to the feeling of indefinable.

It’s a pity that only monsters can keep this feeling.

At present, the palm of the robot has a grip strength of one hundred kilograms. If the final test fails, this number can be appropriately reduced, or a pressure sensor can be installed to give the alloy operating material resistance feedback.

As for the intelligent identification system, to judge the soft and hard degree of the object, and then adjust the strength of the robot with the equipment. Ye Qing temporarily does not have this technology to engage.

Even Google, which is at the forefront of smart technology, intelligently judges how hard or soft an object is. It can only rely on image recognition technology to compare the parameters of known objects in the database.

This is unreliable and slow.

Turn on the recording video again and Ye Qing conducts the second set of tests.

A low gas frying pan was placed beside the metal platform.

Pots, pans, pans, oils, sauces, vinegar, everything, and two pounds of cleaned green mushrooms.

“The first-generation domestic robot I, the first cooking experiment started.” Ye Qing turned on the sensor again, and the control robot moved slightly two steps to the frying pan.

If he does it himself, Ye Qing can cook a serving a dish of green vegetables and stir fry mushrooms very skillfully.

The robot operating. Ye Qing first sticks the knife into the chopping board the first time. Holding the shiitake mushrooms with the other hand and directly knead the shiitake mushrooms into the chopping board!

This can’t be done happily. Ye Qing simply controlled the robot to open the gas stove with very slight movements. Pull the oil cap off again, and grunt and pour dozens of grams of vegetable oil into the frying pan.

The frying pan is heated until it smokes, and the puller of strings is holding the slick mushrooms and stir-fry.

A spatula of mushrooms flies out four or five-time, and the second spatula is still like this. Ye Qing simply throws the frying pan angrily swiftly, controls the robot, and shakes the stove like those chefs.

The same is true for green vegetables. After taking out the stove. Ye Qing broke the jar and had a broke mentality. And turned the wok in the mechanical hand into a flat boat among the ten-level waves.

Ordinary people dare not to play this hand, and the most direct consequence is the splashing hot oil burns the face like start a fire.

But now the robot has been drenched with half of the hot oil and remains indifferent.

The saltbox was overturned when adding salt. The chicken essence can be ignored. In the end, the pot of green mushrooms was poured into a dish. There were only three poor mushrooms and seven or eight green leaves.

Ye Qing bravely tasted a mouthful and ate a mouth full of paste and bitterness.

Ye Qing did not believe this evil.

Before the robot was built, the Master Craftsman especially had tested the performance.

In his hands, the robot is just two hands extended, not to mention cooking, and typing quickly on the laptop keyboard is fine.

An alien notebook lay there quietly. This was Ye Qing’s third project.

Although I already have been in the mood of buying another one, it seems that there is no need for this kind of test to know it will fail 100%.

This is totally different from operating the Mechanical Colossus Type I. The Mechanical Colossus Type I face large objects, there are a few centimeter errors in the operation, and it has no effect at all.

The robots don’t work well, because of remote operation, and they lack the sense of judgment that is close at hand. Ye Qing reached out and touched the soy sauce bottle. A little faster, he could flip the soy sauce bottle.

Continuing to practice, Ye Qing doesn’t believe that with the help of the robot, he can’t make a whole dish that can be imported?

A green leaf and shiitake mushrooms in a snakeskin pocket were caught by Ye Qing.

These are all taken from the company cafeteria. Before cooking, he was a bit too angry. This time, Ye Qing decided to calm down and hone its skills slowly.

Continuing to return to the speed of demolition. Ye Qing a little focused on using a robotic hand, picked up a kitchen knife, cut red mushrooms like a red and yellow thread.

This is also a bit like driving a car, as long as it is slow, nothing will go wrong.

It was only in the process of pouring vegetable oil that Ye Qing could not slow down.

Because the pan is on fire…

Some hurriedly poured in the raw materials. Ye Qing moved the pot away from the fire source and slowly practiced manipulating the spatula.

After practicing for half an hour, the number of unexplainable feels was increasing, and Ye Qing put the wok on the gas stove.

That night, Ye Qing will polish up the whole raw material of a snakeskin bag.

The next day, when Ye Qing went to the company. He took ten prototypes, ready to let the company employees experience it. And put forward suggestions for improvement by the way. t

When ten prototypes were brought to the company, they immediately attracted the attention of a group of employees with an average age similar to Ye Qing.

When they heard Ye Qing say that. This is one of the new products the company expects to launch. To test, employees are rushing to wear alloy operating clothing.

Finally, the main test task fell into the remote operations room of the transit warehouse.

These employees have a lot of operating experience. They can control the robot to do some simple movements just after putting on the alloy operation clothes. They were familiar with it for a while. Ten robots were in the office area.

“Does anyone want to pour water?”

“Don’t move, this trash can let me come.”

“Give me this document and get busy with yours.”

They volunteered to work. Unfortunately, after they messed up two things, they could only retreat to the corner and practice their own entertainment with brooms and tea sets.

They volunteered to work. But unfortunately, after having spoiled two things, they could only retreat obediently to the corner and practice their own entertainment with brooms and tea sets and other practical and fun exercises.

Then they opened their brains and began testing more advanced skills.

Someone is controlling the robot to write, some people have contributed their own notebooks. The control robot has their hands resting on the keyboard and mouse and is serious about typing, and takes a pair of scissors and trim the potted plants trembling.

In the afternoon, these staff, who have been testing the prototype, continuously send out a large number of experience reports.

At this time, the reports were on the conference table, where Ye Qing and several managers met to discuss.

In case…

Based on a score of one hundred, employees participating in the test can only give a maximum of forty percent.

The report sorted out three issues that needed to be addressed most, and dozens of issues that needed improvement.

The first is the operating distance.

The remote control equipment uses the 2400-2483 MHz band radio signal. It has the advantage of large data transmission in a short distance. Once the distance exceeds one hundred meters, the robot will have a video-like stutter scene.

If you move your finger, it may take a second for the robot to move halfway, or there is no response at all.

If the robot is controlled remotely within a hundred meters, it does not seem to have to do more than that. It is quite possible he can walk alone and complete what it’s needed in person.

Of course, this is only a prototype, and no auxiliary equipment has been installed yet. Through the ubiquitous wireless network, or 4G network, remote control of the robot from thousands of miles away. There is no technical difficulty at all.

The second problem is the return of the monitor screen.

Observe the surrounding environment of the robot through an 8-inch display on the waist or control the robot, and it is very easy to predict the wrong position.

For example, the control robot reaches for the soap and feels half a meter away. In fact, it is close to you and you can touch it with a little hand.

At the same monitoring point. The larger the focal length, the closer the scene. And the smaller the focal length, the farther the scene feels.

With intelligent focusing, a VR camera with analog human eye function can be broken.

The third issue is battery power.

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