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February 20, 2021

“But is she not in the domain for the rest of the vacation, how are you two not lovers?” (Rahsa)

” No, she is just helping me managing some stuff here and there, she also works part time here to earn some extra money over the vacation” (Kururi)

“Is that so? I seem to have misunderstood it.” (Rahsa)

“Iris is a very nice girl but I do not see her as a romantic partner.” (Kururi)

“Oh, so I was worried for nothing. Thank you big bro, you cleared up some of the things that were bugging me. Now that I feel relived, I feel sleepy as well, I am going back. Are you going back big bro?” (Rahsa)

“Nah, I want to feel the wind a little while longer before I go back” (Kururi)

I said good night to Rahsa and just sat down on the spot.

I looked at the night sky and felt the breeze.

The wind during the summer felt really nice, it was not too hot but also not too cold.

I can see the star really well, I can hear all of the noise made by the insects.

When I was focus on seeing the sky, I heard footsteps, I turned around and saw it was Iris.

“It looks nice doesn’t it?” (Iris)

“Yeah, the night breeze feels amazing, are you going sit down as well?” (kururi)

“Yup, this feels very nice, it is so comfortable.”

We both stop talking and start looking at the stars.

It has been several months since I met Iris, I used to get so nervous around her but now I feel fine.

That shows how much we get along.

I never imagined that such a beautiful woman would be friends with me. I thought my destiny was already decided.

But the prince is now disliked while she is friends with me.

Destiny is now changing, I suddenly thought of such things as I look at the night sky.

“Actually, I eavesdrop on that last conversation you were having” (Iris)

“? You mean with Rahsa?” (Kururi)

“Yup.” (Iris)

Well, I can’t change anything I already said and it is not like I said something bad so it ok.

” I guess, Kururi doesn’t seem to see me as a woman.I have times when I think it would be nice if Kururi liked me.” (Iris)

“Eh, but” don’t you towards Lotson-san…eh!? What do you mean? (Kururi)

“Fufu, just kidding. Then, good night, I’ll return first.” (Iris)

“Ah” (Kururi)

Leaving petrified me behind, Iris headed back to the mansion.

Just now, what was that about? Was i being teased?

…Surely, that was it. I mean, the one she likes is Lotson-san.

I got up and returned to the mansion to sleep.

That matter still weighted heavy on my mind and I could not go to sleep until close to morning.

Looking back on that day, I realized that I was pretty pure and innocent. Hello well here is C5

Thank you to KuroNyan or imsodone for editing the chapter


BlackSmith V3 C5

Having a prince come to my domain and then leave my domain looking very glum is not good. I can’t have the prince leaving and going home while looking like that, so I had to stop him.

If the rumors were to spread about the prince entering our domain looking healthy and then left looking all depressed and got thinner, all the good reputation accumulated right now will be gone. So, I took the prince to the city to try to cheer him up.

“How’d you like my city, isn’t it beautiful?” (Kururi)

“That’s true.” (Arc)

Only two word answers came from the prince.

His complexion was also pale.

How long are going to be upset about yesterday, Arc, let it go.

“Come on Arc, look around! There so many cute and lovely girls in the town right now. Look there’s a whole group of them over there.” (Kururi)

I point at the direction where there are girls. There really was a cute young girl doing shopping right there.

Looking at the people’s happy faces, from my perspective as a lord, is a very good thing.

Also seeing young women shopping and enjoying their holiday is proof that my domain is prosperous.

But, today I can’t think of stuff like that.

I have to cheer up the prince, so my domain stays prosperous.

The prince, Arc, looks cool. He can do basically everything, plus he’s also smart.

Even if he stays silent and just people look from afar, he will still be popular. I have no doubt about that.

My plan is to have the prince walk around town and have the young women fawn over him. Then he will cheer up and then return to the capital. Just to be sure, I will also give him one of our prided watermelons to take back which will make his visit perfect. This little extra work is what I have to do as the lord of the domain.

“Hey, let’s go over there.” (Kururi)

I point to the group of young women standing by a stall and pulled Arc over there.

This is a stall that sells accessories; naturally the young women are flocking here to buy things.

I lead the prince and myself into the store and walked around just to show our faces. After doing that for a while, we left the store.

The young women’s face changed when they saw us. All of their faces suddenly changed color. One of them started to scream over the prince, which is followed by another scream and then suddenly they all started to scream over the prince. The atmosphere definitely changed for the better.

I secretly looked over to see how the situation was and without a doubt they were all interested to come over here. Now, all I have to do is wait for them to call us out.

“Hello.” (Women)

Yes, it’s here! They took the bait! I took a look at the girl and noticed that she was beautiful. Even comparing her to other people here, she stood out.

Good, now the prince will forget the incident with Iris and go have fun in my domain. Now, come beautiful girl, attack Prince Arc!

“Hello, are you the lord Kururi-sama?” (Woman A)

“Hello.” (Kururi)

What? They want to talk to me?

“I always looked up to you, Kururi-sama. Is it alright if I ask to shake your hand?” (Women A)

“Oh, yes. Of course, it’s ok.” (Kururi)

I shook her hand and she looked really grateful, like she met her favorite celebrity.

“Excuse me, may I also shake your hand?” (Woman B)

“Oh, yes.” (Kururi)

She was also very beautiful as well.

Afterwards, many people started to line up and wanted to shake my hand. Yes, this is why life is good.


I did not come here for this!

I quickly look at the Prince and saw that his dead fish eyes while looking over here.

Why!? Why did I win against the prince right now!?!

The Prince is a really cool looking guy and right now he is really quiet too. But why did I win this game of picking up?

“Oh.” (Kururi)

I just realized the reason why the prince lost.

The difference is that of home and away game type of thing.

As the son of the lord and add to the fact of my continuous public appearances for the reforms in the domain, made me and my face quite well known.

Prince Arc face’s, who had never visited my domain before, would not be well known to the common people.

In terms of looks, the prince is winning but I definitely win the in personality area. Which does not matter much at a pickup game, thus the difference must reside in which face is known more.

Obviously mine is, considering that this is my domain.

It is precisely because of this difference of face status caused the prince to lose. In the case of unknown good-looking man, and a good looking man who will be the next lord. Winning in this situation is a given for me.

Dammit!! But it was already too late.

However, I have to admire the women of my domain; they all have a good head on their shoulders.

Their futures are looking bright and they will all make great wife to whomever they marry.

But still, today you should not have done this.

This is not on the level of Tamanokoshi*. The common girl has the chance to actually rise to the heavens. Come on, try looking clearly!

(Tamanokoshi is a moisturizing cream that is popular in Japan. It is said to give you skin like of a goddess.)

“…” (Arc)

Look, the prince is crying on the inside.

I can’t look at this anymore.

“I am sorry, but right now I can’t shake anymore hands. I have to show my friend around the domain.” (Kururi)

“Eh?” (People)

I feel like a star right now. [EDnote: start? what?]

I waved goodbye to everyone and took the prince’s hand and left.

“When did I become your friend?” (Arc)

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