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April 2, 2021

The elder said gently, there were some proudness and anticipation in his voice.

“Peak of the original level…”

Ling Xian frowned, feeling a little troubled, “Other than that person are there any other powerhouses from the Court of Thunder, or hidden talents?”

“He is the only one at the peak of the original level, there are no hidden talents,” the elder answered.

“Very well.”

Ling Xian sighed in relief. If there is merely one original leveled powerhouse at the peak, then he might be able to put up a fight. Then, he stared at the elder with a heated gaze and asked his final question.

“With your current spiritual energy, how many Heavenly Rumbling Thunders can you generate?”

Hearing this, the elder was a little startled. He suddenly remembered something and he couldn’t help but be afraid.

He knew that the person before him was using him to cultivate. This utterly surprised him as he didn’t expect Ling Xian to be so insane!

At first, he thought Ling Xian was just saying things to humiliate him. However, he doesn’t think that anymore. There was only one thought in his mind.

My god!

How can there be someone so insane in this world?

“Speak quickly. I have no time to waste.”

Ling Xian’s eyes turned cold, making the elder shudder. He answered quickly, “If I do it continuously, I can probably do it 30 times. After that, I would need some rest.”

“Thirty times? Not bad.”

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. The way he looked at the elder was even more heated now. Reincarnated to Become a Sword Saint He originally was worried about the speed he was cultivating the Indestructible Physique, but he no longer has to worry now.

Though the Heavenly Rumbling Thunders and the real God’s Trial had some major differences, it was very powerful and could easily increase the speed of the Indestructible Physique.

Looking at Ling Xian’s heated gaze, the elder’s body quivered and his heart filled with bitterness. He knew then, that he was about to be transformed into a machine. A machine that continuously shoots out electricity.

Remembering the upcoming days where he will soon be without daylight, the elder felt like he had fallen into an icy hell and his entire body ached. However, he knew that no matter how humiliated he was, he had to endure.

First, he needed to make sure he survives this. Second, he needed to wait for help.

Therefore, the elder said, “Don’t worry. I will do as you say and I won’t dare to think any bad thoughts.”

“Good, so you can read the situation.” Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction.

Hearing this, the elder displayed a warm smile, “As long as you don’t kill me… as long as you don’t kill me.”

“Don’t worry. You are still worth a little something to me.”

Ling Xian playfully smiled and said, “I know what you are thinking. You are waiting for the ruler of the Court to save you. But I suggest you stop thinking that way. Release That Witch Because the higher your expectation is, the stronger your disappointment.”

“You are joking with me. I have completely given up. I wouldn’t dare to think otherwise.” The elder’s heart turned even colder. His old face turned into a fake flower that was trying to please Ling Xian.

“Did you?”

Ling Xian mockingly laughed, feeling too lazy to discuss this any longer. To him, the elder is still somewhat valuable so he didn’t plan on killing him.

As for whether or not this person had truly given up or not, that didn’t matter. After all, he merely wanted to use him to fasten his cultivation.

Therefore, Ling Xian raised his hand and formed a small inhibition array. He placed it inside the elder’s body. If this man tries to run away, he just needs to mentally call out and this man would experience extreme agony.

After he realized Ling Xian had set an inhibition seal, the elder’s face turned white. Then, he revealed another smile and looked more humble.

“Very well.”

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and moved his gaze towards the Wen Clan Leader. “Wen Clan Leader, I have solved your problem. As for the troubles that will follow, I will solve them as well.”

After he spoke those words, the Wen Clan Leader didn’t say anything else. He merely bowed down deeply before Ling Xian.

At that, the Wen Clan below did the same. They bowed towards Ling Xian. Their eyes were full of respect and appreciation. Some people’s eyes even turned heated as if they were looking at a God above them.

“I, representing the hundreds of people in the Wen Clan, thank you.” “I, representing the hundreds of people in the Wen Clan, thank you.”

The Wen Clan Leader’s expression was serious and his posture was also grand. It was like he was honoring a great god.

Everyone else below did the same. Nobody dared to merely stand, as they all bowed down towards Ling Xian, showing their respect.

Originally, these people felt hopeless because they thought the Wen Clan might not be able to get away with their crisis. Yet Ling Xian killed four of the enemies who showed up. The one remaining was converted into a prisoner. This meant that their trouble had been solved by him.

Ignoring whether or not their trouble will come up again in the future, today, they were grateful because today, they were rebuilt. Ling Xian deserved every Wen Clan member’s appreciation.

Therefore, they were either gazing at Ling Xian with respect or with love. They bowed before him using the grandest and most ceremonial etiquette.

Seeing this, Ling Xian waved his hand and smiled. “Please do stand up. I naturally did everything I promised you guys. Please, this whole situation, in nature, is us making a deal.”

“It may be a deal or it may be a promise. Regardless, you have done so much for the Wen Clan, you deserve us showing you the utmost respect.”

The Wen Clan Leader was full of smiles. The original worries and hopelessness on his face disappeared without a trace. What replaced it was confidence.

Confidence towards Ling Xian.

What could he do? Ling Xian’s behavior today was far too overpowering. That original powerhouse he defeated wasn’t just a random cultivator off the street, but a vice ruler who was known as the Human Butcher. This alone has proven his powerfulness.

Therefore, as much as they were shocked, the Wen Clan also saw hope.

“Do as you will.”

Ling Xian chuckled. “Alright, clean up the battlefield. I am going to go back first.”

Then, he grabbed the elder with his left hand and tore the space with his right. He headed towards the bamboo forest.

As he moved, the Wen Clan Leader bowed down again. A respectful statement left his, and everyone else’s lips.

“We bid farewell to the young master.”

After returning to the bamboo forest, Ling Xian began his training.

He wanted to try and see, with the aid of the Heavenly Rumbling Thunder, how much faster he will be able to cultivate the Indestructible Physique.

Therefore, Ling Xian summoned the Indestructible Physique and asked the elder to send down lightning bolts.

This nicknamed Human Butcher powerhouse wasn’t willing but didn’t dare to disobey. He knew that if he makes Ling Xian unhappy, he will be chopped into pieces.

Therefore, he silently sighed and displayed the Heavenly Rumbling Thunder.

At once, the originally sunny sky darkened. A giant dark cloud quickly formed and alongside the thunder and lightning, the atmosphere turned horrifying.

However, not only did Ling Xian’s expression remain unchanged. He actually smiled and hurried, “Quick, I cannot wait any longer.”

Hearing this, the elder’s body quivered and he croaked, “Yes, I will do it right now.”

Then, he formed a hand seal and began to push this technique.


The sky turned dark and the thunderous clouds rolled. Countless lightning bolts dropped down and landed squarely on Ling Xian’s body.

Then, the Indestructible Physique automatically took over. It first absorbed some of the lightning’s power and used the remaining to aid its training.

“Not bad. Roughly estimating… it increased by about three times.”

Feeling his physique slowly growing stronger, Ling Xian revealed a faint smile. His collected and casual way made it seem like he wasn’t showering in lightning, but was showering in harmless raindrops.

This made the elder shudder. The fear he was feeling intensified. But at the same time, he continued to curse and wished for Ling Xian to die under these lightning bolts.

Sadly, he was disappointed.

As time went on, not only was Ling Xian not showing the slightest sign of unusualness, he was actually extremely energetic and spirited.

It was actually the giant cloud of thunder in the sky that was getting smaller and smaller, lighter and lighter.

After some time, the thunderous cloud finally dissipated and the sky restored its clarity.

However, Ling Xian wasn’t finished. Though being struck so many times made him feel pain, his gains were shocking.

That short amount of time would’ve normally cost him three days of training.

Maybe comparing it on a one on one basis, it’s not much. But after accumulating for some time, it would be an intense enhancement.

Therefore, despite the pain he felt, he thought it was worth it.

“Not bad, continue.”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lip curled up. What he had said made the elder’s body quiver. The way he looked at him was like he was looking at a monster.

But the elder didn’t dare to disobey. He could only go against his will and once again summon the Heavenly Rumbling Thunder.

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This time, he tried to play tricks and sent the lightning faster in an attempt to kill Ling Xian.


The dark clouds converged and the shocking lightning dashed across the sky. Along with the violent wind, everything slammed onto Ling Xian.

The terrifying Qi swept out and crushed the bamboo forest. Even the space before them was struck until it was broken.

At this, Ling Xian teasingly smiled. The elder’s little trick could not be hidden from him. However, to him, the stronger the lightning bolts the better. Because that would mean faster training speed.

Therefore, he didn’t punish the elder. Not yet. Instead, he took on the falling lightning bolts.


After a series of ear splitting rumbles, the entire space was covered by heavenly light. Nothing could be seen anymore.

“I want to strike you dead right away. If I can’t, heavily injuring you is fine.”

The elder stared deadly over at Ling Xian. There was anticipation and killer’s intent.

Sadly, he was disappointed again.

After the heavenly light dissipated, Ling Xian remained unharmed and he was as steady as a mountain. Not only that, his eyes shone brightly and the gold light around him intensified. He truly was similar to a golden God of Warrior who could destroy everything.

This made the elder’s irises restrict. He found it hard to conceal the disappointment in his eyes.

“The power from this round isn’t bad. Sadly, it’s not enough to kill me.”

Ling Xian spoke softly and raised his hand to strike. Instantly, the elder was pushed out for metres and began to puke blood.

“I am teaching you a lesson. Remember, don’t play tricks again.”

“Yes, yes, I will remember.”

The elder nodded continuously, other than fear in his eyes, fear remained.

First, it was due to Ling Xian’s insane physique. Second, it was because his little trick was discovered.

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