Qu became the shameless third wheel, grinding her teeth as she followed the lovers. Looking at the map, they found their next destination: HOUSTON.

February 20, 2021

HOUSTON was a chain restaurant famous for its various American dishes. Its delicious food made it popular among the locals in California.

A waiter led them to their reserved seats. The open kitchen was just across from them. There were no partitions, so every customer could see the chefs at work.

They seated themselves and realized none of the patrons were focused on their food. None, but a blonde lady at a table on the left side of the restaurant. She had thick lips and a straight nose. Her mysterious deep blue eyes were her most charming feature.

As insiders of the fashion circle, Qin Guan and Qu recognized the girl at once. It was Paris Whitney Hilton, one of the heirs of the Hilton family. She was a frequent guest at Hollywood fashion events, but she was more famous for her romantic affairs than her work.

Well-behaved actors considered her a troublemaker.

Qin Guan shot a look at the window and saw some reporters outside, taking pictures of the controversial star and trying to guess why she was in the restaurant.

“Look at all those reporters, Qin Guan! Will there be any trouble?”

“Don’t worry. They will behave. They won’t dare enter the restaurant.”

“That’s not what I meant. If they saw you, wouldn’t they fabricate more stories?”

Qin Guan paused before smiling again. “Impossible! They have no time to look at me. Paris Hilton is over there!”

The waiter served them their steaks.

There was a whole rare ribeye on each plate. Juices were dripping out, mixed with a little blood. The meat was so tender, it melted in their mouths. The salty mashed potato and parsley dressing increased their appetite even more.

There was also a unique sauce and pepper powder produced by the restaurant.

The feast was a big surprise for everyone. The prices were also reasonable, which was why the place was so popular. The average was about 40 dollars each. Chapter 530: The Lord’s Objective 7

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fortunately, she did not have to see him often, perhaps, it was the only time they would meet. It was considered a rare opportunity. Hence, she decided to endure.

Gu Xijiu still wanted to be an obedient girl in front of him. Hence, she began to tidy her hair after an apology. Although she had sufficient spiritual power now, she did not officially learn the many spells to help her with her chores. Therefore, she did not know how to dry her hair with her spiritual power. She combed her hair while facing where the wind came from so that it could be dried faster.

The Lord watched her comb her hair and realized it was a beautiful scene. Initially, he was planning to dry her hair with his magic. However, he decided to let her do it since he did not mind to continue watching her drying her hair.

Gu Xijiu did not want to leave The Lord waiting for long. Therefore, she tied her hair after a few minutes of drying. She did not use any makeup or fancy hairstyle, so she only tied her hair into a simple knot.

The wet hair coupled with a simple hairstyle had made her look a few years older than her real age! Gu Xijiu looked so beautiful earlier, but now she looked less charming.

The Lord was a perfectionist. He was perfect, and he could not accept any imperfections on others as well. Especially, the lady he cared about.

He tried to control himself but failed. He waved at her, “Come over here, I’ll help you.”

Gu Xijiu was speechless again. She was shocked!

Gu Xijiu sat on a rock, and The Lord was standing behind her to tidy her hair. He ran his fair and long fingers through her hair. Although it was just a few minutes, it made her feel good.

The Lord exuded an extraordinary fragrance. It was a very mild yet fresh odor, but it disappeared when she tried to smell it again. Gu Xijiu recalled Di Fuyi again. Strangely, the fragrance of The Lord and Di Fuyi was different, but she always thought both of the fragrances came from the same origins.

She suddenly had an extreme idea in her head. Was The Lord in front of her, or was it actually Di Fuyi!!!? Of course, Gu Xijiu immediately convinced herself to deny this extreme case as she felt that it was impossible.

Oh gosh! It is impossible! Not to mention that both of their auras were different, but even if it were the same, Di Fuyi would not dare to impersonate The Lord, right!? That would be a great sin!

Even if Di Fuyi were brave enough, he would not dig a grave for himself, right? If he were caught, his Fucang Hall would be destroyed into ashes!

She was out of her mind for the moment, but when she regained her consciousness, there was a mirror in front of her, and The Lord’s voice lingered around her ears, “Come on, look at yourself.”

The girl in the mirror looked fabulous with a fringe slightly covering her forehead. Gu Xijiu was surprised but frowned as she did not expect The Lord to know how to tie hair! It was amazing!

Most importantly, her wet hair was dried in just a few minutes, and it became as smooth as silk! It was even smoother than hair in the hair shampoo advertisements!

Girls always prioritized their appearance, and Gu Xijiu was no exception. Thus, she thanked The Lord and continued admiring herself in front of the mirror.

“Change your dress as well.” The Lord gave Gu Xijiu a set of clothes, “Your current outfit would make me think you’re challenging me.”

As usual, Gu Xijiu was speechless but she said in her head, “My Lord, are we done with these? I thought you have something important to talk to me about? You are leaving after that, right? How long would it take to finish the talk? Am I really worth your time that you would turn me into a beautiful doll?” The lady landlords had ordered takeaway from an excellent restaurant, so Lu Li and his sister came around to join them.

Hence, on Halloween, Lu Li went online later than usual.

The game time was around sunrise, and pumpkin lights were already being hung up. People in Halloween costumes patrolled around the street and the game was filled with a festive atmosphere.

Rasing My Mate According to the descriptions of the event, during Halloween, players could join in and receive their own Halloween costume.

Of course, once the festival was over, the costumes would disappear as they had a time limit.

Most people wore a pumpkin head costume, which was a little dumb, but cute in its own way.

In an empty spot in Astrana, about a hundred Ruling Sword elite players were waiting on standby. They attracted quite some attention, since it was rare for people to gather like this in the game.

The members of the Ruling Sword were unfazed by the crowd whispering and pointing at them, because if people knew of their identity, they would only be jealous of them.

This was the guild that had won the Shadow Cup; most people wouldn’t even be able to make it into the guild.

At this point, Ruling Sword was a level 15 guild with around twelve thousand members. They had no less than three thousand applicants on a daily basis, but less than thirty were actually accepted.

It was impossible for any guild to reach the top in a short amount of time.

Without a stable foundation, the guild wouldn’t be able to last long.

“Uncle, give me a treat! Give me a treat! Trick or treat!” A group of children ran over from the other side of the road and crowded around Lu Li.

What kind of judgement made them think that he would be an easy target?

Lu Li was helpless, but he still gave each of them a piece of candy.

This was a day that belonged to the children; you couldn’t turn down these children who only looked around three to five years old. You probably wouldn’t even remember that each candy cost ten copper coins when they stared at you with their watery eyes.

Candy was the new function added in for the day.

If you activated the function on a target, you would be able to give them a piece of candy. This was limited to once per target.

As he handed out the candy along the way, Lu Li eventually reached the gathering point.

On the way, there were even some children who gave him candy in return, so now, he had around a dozen pieces in his bag.

“We’ve been waiting. What took you so long?” Square Root 3 had gathered everyone, but the boss never arrived, so it was quite awkward for him.

“What are you guys doing?” Lu Li was shocked.

“Ruling Sword!”

“Ruling Sword!”

“Ruling Sword!”

A hundred people were shouting at the same time; such a sight could not be ignored.

Fortunately, they had gathered in a fairly isolated area, or else, everyone would definitely be staring at them.

It was quite a childish act, but Lu Li was touched by it. He clenched his fist and pressed it against his chest as he also shouted, “Ruling Sword!”

It was unknown who started it, but the guild members shouted even louder.

“Lu Li! Lu Li! King of first clears!”

“Champions! Champions!”

This was fated to be a passionate day. With a bunch of mythical creatures staring them down, Ruling Sword demonstrated their dedication and passion to the world.

“Let’s go.”

Lu Li waved his hand and signaled for the event to begin.

The Scarlet Monastery dungeon at this point had become the world of the Headless Paladin.

The Headless Paladin was a member of the Silver Hand, and was once a hero for all Paladins. Unfortunately, he was cursed and eventually fell into the dark side.

Some say that it was his own will to fall into the darkness, because he was filled with hopelessness and rage against the world.

The Headless Paladin had lost his thoughts as it wandered in the Scarlet Monastery. He thought he was still alive and everyone else besides himself was dead. These dead men had to be cleansed away by fire.

He was no longer loyal to the holy light and rode on his Spirit Warhorse as he arrived in green flames.

“This is our first group activity today. I’m not expecting everyone to perform excellently, but I’m hoping everyone can stick to one rule. That is, to do as you’re asked!” After they entered the dungeon, Lu Li began to lecture the one-hundred-man team.

What followed was a bunch of messy responses. Lu Li frowned but he didn’t say anything.

Then, he began adjusting the teams. The group was split into teams of ten and each was given a number. Everyone was asked to remember their own team number and keep watch on their team members’ statuses.

The main tank was Azure Sea Breeze, while the secondary tanks were Global Friendship, God of Destiny and Wandering.

In a team like this, four tanks were enough, but most importantly, Azure Sea Breeze was a strong tank. As the number one tank in Dawn, he usually wouldn’t die easily. The other three tanks were mainly there to pull summoned monsters and were back up tanks in case Azure Sea Breeze died.

The main healer was Darkness, a healing Paladin. Healing Paladins were better at healing single targets than any other class. She was only in charge of healing Azure Sea Breeze; none of the other people mattered to her.

Drifting Night Light and March Rain were also main healers, and were in charge of the entire raid team’s health. The other healers only needed to look after the health of their own team members.

At the same time, Lu Li also had players who were in charge of curse and magic debuffs.

The curse debuff was usually given to the tanks and had to be removed instantly, while the magic debuff was a group debuff and dealt high damage. Someone had to be in charge of it or else they would lose a lot of members.

Just in case the elite team members would get suspicious, Lu Li also made sure that there were other players in charge of other debuffs.

However, the Headless Paladin didn’t know how to use any other debuffs.

Lu Li activated the altar in the middle of the graveyard, after which a cloud of smoke and fire instantly arose.

“All these years, I’ve tasted the pain of losing myself. Now, I finally understand the darkness hidden within my soul…” After a wicked laugh, a giant shadow appeared on the altar. It was an armored Paladin that rode on a Spirit Warhorse.

He held onto a long weapon that was shrouded by mist and emanated with the cries of the dead.

The players weren’t able to see his face, since he was a Headless Paladin. There was only black smoke in the area that was supposed to be his brain, and two bright flames that flickered like eyes in his dark helmet.

As expected from Halloween, this was a truly frightening sight.

“Start. Melee players, get prepared. Ranged players, wait until the main tank has the boss’ focus before you use your skills. All group spells are banned. Whoever makes a mistake will be kicked out and will be placed on standby outside. There are plenty of people waiting outside to enter the dungeon.”

Lu Li didn’t explain any strategies, and instead asked for Azure Sea Breeze to pull the Boss. Chapter 368: Fight If You’re Indignant, Who’s Afraid Of Whom?

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

By now, the Eternal Donger was wielding a power that Lin Fan had never felt before. But even so, he did not have the utmost confidence in it being enough.

Too calm.

The big ancient demon’s face was way too calm. Under a situation like this, the only reason why he could be this calm must be because he couldn’t be bothered by this at all.

But no matter what, this was the strongest move that Lin Fan could employ right now.

If this failed, then he would be truly out of options.

“Ant, is this your strongest move? Even though the aura being emanated is pretty decent, it’s far from ever being enough. I am the ruler who had conquered over the ancient times. I will fulfill what I’ve promised, so that you can die without any hope left!” The big ancient demon looked up at the sky. His face was arrogant, without a single hint of fear.

Even though Lin Fan had no reaction, he was filled to the brim with anger against this big ancient demon’s impudence. This guy was being way too cocky!

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