The Celestial Phoenix Maiden emerged from the egg completely naked and looked dazed. She had finally been reborn.

April 24, 2021

A misty fog swirled around her and she looked at her surroundings in surprise.

Ye Qingyu appeared in front of her.

“Are you… Brother Qingyu?” The Celestial Phoenix Maiden, who had looked a little dazed earlier, slowly started to come back to her senses and recognized him after a moment’s hesitation. Her beautiful face broke into a happy smile and she instinctively rushed over and threw herself into his arms.

This was a revelation of her true feelings.

She quickly realized that something was wrong and let go of Ye Qingyu with a start. “Wasn’t I… dead? Why…”

Ye Qingyu smiled tenderly at her, took out the clothes he had prepared beforehand, and wrapped them around her. “I told you once that even if the seas and the mountains fall, or the planets and stars move, I will find a way to revive you. And today, I’ve finally managed to fulfill my promises. Everything will start from the beginning… Let’s go home.”

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The Phoenix Race rejoiced at the return of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden to their race.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden had always been the most outstanding talent of the Phoenix Race of all time, and the her people had always hoped that she would be able to revive the Phoenix Race. Unfortunately, she had perished while saving Ye Qingyu, and although this meant that Ye Qingyu was forever indebted to the Phoenix Race and he had always treated the Phoenix Race well all this time, the death of an outstanding prodigy would always be a huge blow to any race. That was because each prodigy carried the fortunes of the universe and often represented the fortunes of the entire race. Thus, the death of a prodigy was also the death of their fortunes.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden had finally returned to their fold.

The entire race rejoiced.

The elderly clan leader, who was also her father, was now getting old, but he was still an authoritative figure within the Phoenix Race. He was also known to be an iron-willed figure within the Immortal Empire, but now, he couldn’t help crying tears of happiness as he welcomed his daughter home.

“Father…” the Celestial Phoenix Maiden said. Her memories were still intact so she could still recognize her father.

Two thousand years might have seemed very short to an expert from the Phoenix Race like the clan elder, since it was merely a few occasions spent in self-isolation, but it felt like ages to a father who had lost his precious daughter.

Ye Qingyu felt guilty and apologetic toward the Phoenix Race, and thus, he spent more than a month with the Phoenix Race.

He left one month later.

The Phoenix Race had also celebrated the Celestial Phoenix Maiden’s homecoming for an entire month.

Her feelings toward him had not changed at all.

She was reluctant to part with Ye Qingyu, but she still chose to stay with the Phoenix Race. The past two thousand years were a complete blank to her, so she spent some time understanding the circumstances of her death and what happened in the Vast Thousand Star Domains during this period. Although the Phoenix Race tried to prevent her from finding out some things, she finally came to know that Ye Qingyu was already married.

She froze in shock when she heard this news, then she looked very desolate.

She could not conceal her disappointment and her expression was very heartbreaking.

She sat quietly alone under the parasol tree of her ancestral home and spent one entire afternoon there-the Phoenix Race had finally managed to find an intact divine parasol tree with Ye Qingyu’s help more than one thousand years ago. However, this was the first time she had seen this tree.

“Sir, maybe… we shouldn’t have told her the news,” an elder said worriedly.

The clan elder of the Phoenix Race looked at his daughter, who sat under the parasol tree in the distance, and sighed. He shook his head and said, “We might be able to keep this from her for a while, but it is only a matter of time before she found out… Sigh, this all boils down to fate. If they are fated to meet but not fated to end up together, there’s nothing we can do about it either.”

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden was the prodigy of the Phoenix Race and was also a peerless beauty. The blood of the ancient Phoenix God flowed in her veins, so she was extremely noble and proud. If she had fallen for anyone else, it would have been that person’s honor. There were countless prodigies who wanted to take her as their wife, but they might not be worthy of her. If anyone else had caused his daughter such sorrow, this iron-willed man would have already gone ballistic. But since his daughter liked Ye Qingyu, a lofty sovereign who was more powerful than anyone had ever been, a person who was a living legend and miracle, the clan elder couldn’t do anything about it no matter how much he doted on and wanted his daughter to live happily with the man of her choice.

He didn’t have the power to force Ye Qingyu to marry his daughter even if he wanted to fulfil his daughter’s wishes.

There were millions of words in the world but the word “love” was often the most lethal.

The elderly clan elder felt terrible as he watched his daughter’s sad and lonely figure under the parasol tree, but he ultimately turned away and left.

He knew that no matter what he said or did to console her, nothing would work and it would only intensify her pain.

He had also been young once and had also experienced heartbreak.

He sighed as he left the ancient parasol tree and returned to Phoenix City. The moment he arrived, he received word from an elder that the Imperial God Emperor’s oldest disciple, Bai Yuanxing, and his other disciple, Tian Ning, had led a group to Phoenix City and were asking for an audience outside the hall.

“They’re here? Quick, invite them in,” the elderly clan elder said. He didn’t dare to keep them waiting.

Bai Yuanxing was now one of the most powerful people in the world and he had already become a Martial Emperor several centuries ago. As the oldest disciple of the Imperial God Emperor, he enjoyed a noble and lofty status. He was also known for being an upright hero and was highly regarded and well-respected within the empire. Although Tian Ning had yet to attain Martial Emperor cultivation, he was one of the most powerful figures within the empire and had a bright future ahead of him.

These two people would be warmly welcomed by any mighty Emperor or sect leader within the Vast Thousand Star Domains based on the fact that they were the Imperial God Emperor’s personal disciples alone.

Soon after, Bai Yuanxing and Tian Ning were ushered into the hall and received personally by the elderly clan elder.

The Phoenix Race received them with the highest honor.

“It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Phoenix Race,” the elderly clan elder said with a smile.

Bai Yuanxing’s vision had already been restored but he was used to moving around with his eyes closed and would not open his eyes under any circumstance. It was rumored that Bai Yuanxing was cultivating the closed-eye meditation technique and used this technique to seal his cultivation to prevent the frightening energy waves within him from harming others. It was said that once Bai Yuanxing opened his eyes, his strength would be so terrifying that the Imperial God Emperor would be the only person who could control him.

“You’re welcome,” Bai Yuanxing said with his eyes closed and smiled.

“Greetings, clan elder,” Tian Ning said as he bowed at the elderly clan elder. He looked very young, as though he was merely a seventeen- or eighteen-year-old boy. However, everyone knew that the descendant of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect was already a ninth-level peak Quasi-emperor.

“Uh… Lord Tian Ning, please don’t stand on ceremony.” The elderly clan elder was surprised and quickly bowed in return.

He was the head of the Phoenix Race, but Tian Ning ranked higher than him because he was the personal disciple of the Imperial God Emperor. It didn’t seem right for Tian Ning to greet him so formally.

The rest of the elders of the Phoenix Race were also shocked.

What was happening here?

Bai Yuanxing said, “We’re here on behalf of our master to seek a marriage alliance.”

“A marriage alliance?” the elderly clan elder repeated in shock.

Bai Yuanxing’s eyes were still closed but he could still sense everything that was happening around him keenly. In fact, his senses were keener with his eyes closed than with his eyes opened. “Yes, our master has fallen for your daughter and is seeking her hand in marriage…” he continued politely.

The elderly clan elder had no idea what Bai Yuanxing said next because his mind went blank and he was overcome with happiness. When he thought that there was no way to help his daughter, another path had opened. He had assumed that his daughter would be heartbroken for eternity, and this made him feel even worse because there was nothing he could do to help her. However, before he knew it, that legendary figure had come to seek her hand in marriage.

Uh… did this mean that his daughter’s wish had come true?

The elderly clan elder, who was usually calm and composed, was now so excited that he felt like jumping in joy.

He felt as though he was hearing things and only relaxed after getting Bai Yuanxing’s repeated assurances.

He could guess how excited his daughter would be when she heard this news.

The elderly clan elder was extremely excited.

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The Celestial Phoenix Maiden sat alone sorrowfully under the parasol tree.

A chilly breeze blew past and caused the leaves on the tree to rustle loudly, giving off a melancholic vibe.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden sat quietly under the parasol tree like a dry twig. Her face was calm as she thought back to how she had carried the hopes of her race on her shoulders the moment she was born. Although she was a prodigious woman known throughout the Vast Thousand Domains, she was the only person who knew how heavy her burden was and how much she had suffered. This was why she had always looked so cold and kept everyone at bay like an icy fairy who had chosen to lock herself up.

She had met Ye Qingyu in the 17th district of the Black Demon Abyss, in the Taowu Mountain Ridge, and this had changed her life.

She had initially been looking for someone to explore the 18th district together with, but before she knew it, she had fallen for this unknown young man and had been moved by how he almost sacrificed himself to protect her under the parasol tree.

She had always been so cold and haughty that she would have never imagined that she could fall for a man, much less fall so deeply for him.

Someone once said that the colder a woman was, the more intense her love would be once she did fall in love.

Perhaps that person had been right.

As time passed, the Vast Thousand Domains welcomed a flourishing age and the Phoenix Race chose to tread on an extremely risky path in order to fulfill their race’s mandate. The Celestial Phoenix Maiden could still remember bidding farewell to Ye Qingyu at Ren Puyang’s office in the Human Race’s divine temple at the Alliance of Domains. She had assumed that this would be their last meeting because she didn’t know if she would be able to come back alive after heading into battle. All her love, reluctance to part, and yearning for him had manifested themselves during the ten minutes in which she had taken the initiative to meet him.

She didn’t think that she would see him again during the battle of the Dark Realm.

They stood on opposing sides the next time they met.

When she was forced to make the difficult choice between the fate of her race or her beloved, she ultimately ended up choosing him.

She had assumed that death was a form of release.

She didn’t expect to come back to life two thousand years later, and although she felt happy to know that her race was flourishing and had broken free of their bondage, the fact that she had to deal with a completely different time and world and had to face the fact that her beloved was now wedded to someone else made her feel completely hopeless.

She started to contemplate the meaning of life as she sat under the parasol tree.

She had once been the prodigy of her race and her race had placed all their hopes of breaking free from the dark forces on her shoulders. This had been her mandate during the first half of her life, but after she met Ye Qingyu, she finally found some meaning in life other than the burden of the Phoenix Race that rested on her shoulders. However, her meaning in life had now been taken away from her.

What is the point of living? she wondered.

She didn’t intend to kill herself, but this was a period of introspection and self-reflection.

Then, someone slowly approached her from behind.

“Father…” she said with a small smile. “I’m fine. You shouldn’t worry about me and there’s no need for you to comfort me either. It has been so many years and I’m not as weak…”

The elderly clan elder stroked his daughter’s hair tenderly and said with a smile, “Silly girl, there’s no need to try to put on a strong front. He has come to seek your hand in marriage.”

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden trembled in shock.

“The Imperial God Emperor’s eldest disciple, Bai Yuanxing, and his disciple, Tian Ning, visited Phoenix City today and asked for your hand in marriage on his behalf. I’d like to consult you on this matter,” the elderly clan elder said with a smile. “My precious girl, you did not fall for the wrong man. The Imperial God Emperor is not an ungrateful man and has repaid your love in kind. I’m so happy for you. Alright, stop moping under this tree and go home. Since my precious girl is about to get married, I’ll naturally have to make sure that the wedding will be a grand occasion. Hahaha!”

The elderly clan elder chuckled loudly from the bottom of his heart.

Everyone who heard this news knew that the Phoenix Race’s status would be wildly elevated once the Celestial Phoenix Maiden was wedded to the Imperial God Emperor. They could use the Unmoving City of Darkness and the Qingluo Chamber of Commerce as a basis for comparison. No one throughout the entire Immortal Empire and even the alliance of forces across several major star domains dared to offend these two superpowers. The Qingluo Chamber of Commerce had already expanded to the Underworld Star Domain, the Blood Spear Star Domain, the Dark Purple Star Domain, and other star domains to become a matchless titan in the world of commerce. Once someone from the Phoenix Race became a consort of the Imperial God Emperor, this meant that the Phoenix Race would be as powerful as the other two superpowers. The Phoenix Race’s history and resources were even richer than the other two superpowers, but to the clan elder, the only reason why he was rejoicing was that his precious daughter had finally found happiness.

When he thought back to the past, he felt that he owed his daughter so much.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden finally rose and stomped her feet as her father laughed happily next to her. “Hmph, I didn’t say that I’d marry him. He already has two wives…” she said.

A year later, Ye Qingyu and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden were married in Phoenix City.

This wasn’t as highly publicized as his first wedding, but it was still a very grand wedding.

The Immortal Empire went into an uproar when the news that the Imperial God Emperor was about to marry the Celestial Phoenix Maiden was made public a year ago. This was the Imperial God Emperor’s third wife, and it was likely that this would also be the final consort he would be taking. Their love story started to spread amongst the people, and more people were now aware of the sacrifices and contributions she had made to this world.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden was a hot topic throughout the entire empire.

Many people were moved by her love for Ye Qingyu and her contributions to this world.

This matchless beauty was indeed a compatible match for the Imperial God Emperor.

Those who had some misgivings about this match initially had changed their tune and now supported this match.

There were some who were envious of the Phoenix Race because this marriage alliance would also signify the rise of another titan. Everyone knew that the Imperial God Emperor was firm and decisive when it came to his enemies but was extremely protective of his loved ones and was famous for doting on his wives. It was just a matter of time before the Phoenix Race’s stock and status skyrocketed.

The wedding was held as scheduled.

However, most people were surprised to see Yu Xiaoxing and Song Xiaojun present at the wedding.

After the wedding, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden remained in Phoenix City and did not return with the others to the Light City in the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Time passed and another year flew by.

During this time, Ye Qingyu went to the star domains of the King of Destruction, the Abandoned Fiendgod, and the Wisp God of Consciousness to gain a better understanding of their world and to groom successors. These three large star domains gradually started to be part of the Immortal Empire and this led to the gradual birth of an unprecedented and large Alliance of star domains.

While he roamed the universe, he never stopped searching for Hu Bugui and Nan Tieyi, but he still failed to find any clues.

However, Liu Shaji paid him a visit not long after his return to the Vast Thousand Star Domains and said excitedly, “I’ve found a clue. I’ve found clues that might lead to Hu Bugui and the others…”

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