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February 20, 2021


[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills




[Advanced Cookin]Lv1

ExP 9

Titles Possessed: The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone

His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”

A/N: Challenge from the Dead special rules:

Fundamentally it’s an individual party MO area, but after 3 floors you are merged with another party.

The merge is only for that floor; after going downwards you are split up again.

When meeting, whether you can get along, or whether you can’t get along, is also random; the devs’ tendency towards harassment has come out. OVRMMO 055: BACK ABOVE GROUND …

Back Above Ground …

Back above ground I heaved a sigh of relief. After everything’s said and done, we’ve been fighting those of the Undead types; even if it’s lights in a fake dimensional world, it’s something that feels really real1. There wasn’t an extreme amount of guro2 to be had, but even so, have to continuously stare at Undead monsters is pretty tough.

Anyway, we organize the profits; in order to make an even split, all the money and equipment were brought out and put into a pool, then divided evenly. The money for each person was roughly around 5000 Glo; in terms of the profit from the dungeon, it’s pretty slim.

It can’t be helped, since for now the goal of getting a preview took priority. Though for me, my skills went up all over so I made a huge profit in a portion other people can’t see.

Most of the equipment that came out of the treasure chests were sold to the NPC stalls, like longswords and two-handed swords, and knives; there were a ton of things that weren’t particularly uncommon.

There wasn’t any gathering of the magic and elemental inscribed items called [Magic Swords]. They might have come out of treasure chests from fighting if we had gone a little further down. By the way, currently Magic Swords are unable to be made by players.

How about going down one more time? Though that subject was also raised, the matching opinion was pretty much everyone saying, “Let’s stop for today,” at the same time. Because the traps were numerous and the time limit was way too troublesome, everyone had accumulated quite a bit of mental fatigue from the dungeon’s first sortie.

“Yosh, then let’s return. Need to put up the information, to a point, on the forums, na.”

At Red’s comment, all members nodded.

I bet the forums are going crazy, but even though there should be a large amount of information flying about, it’s not wrong to cooperate by putting up information that hasn’t been uploaded yet, so that even if it’s just one step more, everyone progresses to a higher level of understanding.

This isn’t a dungeon that you can move ahead in all by yourself while hiding information.

“Then, it’s about time that I should excuse myself; thank you for the party.”

I judged that around here I should leave the group, so after giving my thanks I withdrew from the party.

Then, in hopes of meeting Black, we registered each other as friends. Meeting up with these members will also probably increase. This is probably a good opportunity for me, who has so far had few acquaintances, na; though participating in a Guild is difficult.


Quite honestly, you could probably say that being able to enter the dungeon together with those Hero members today meant that I actually had remarkably good luck.

Because those people easily defeated Soldier Skeletons; they should be monsters that the average player would have quite a hard time fighting.

They’re a formidable opponent that uses a shield to firmly perform defense and have the ability to once in a while use magic above to negate attacks. It would be safer to think of today’s dungeon attack as an exception.

Now then, thinking about this time, the things that played the biggest role for me in that dungeon were the Thief Skill, for finding and dismantling traps, and eliminating the troubles ghost-type Wights; those were the main core actions that seemed the best.

Different from the field outside, almost the entire area, exceptions aside, is narrow; in this situation, the chances of obstructions when recklessly using Whip and Kick as a vanguard are high.

But with Bow in the back as support, there’s no interference; since it doesn’t need the time to chant like magic, it’s also easy to be a diversions and obstructive actions.

After that is the treasure chests, naa … with regards to human nature, they want to open them deep down.

Through the top 4 floors, about 90% the treasure chests the monsters dropped had a trap in the corner that caused light wounds; they’re light traps to the degree that using magic and potions once will give you full recovery.

And as long as you know they’re coming, then next time will probably be fine … though I think that, it wouldn’t be strange for there to be treasure chests with traps that do area-of-effect petrification of players, forced separation to different places, or at the absolute worst, summons a death-god-like Boss Monster to fight.

It might be only from the trend of the treasure chests that came out from this time’s dungeon attack, but this ratio shouldn’t be more or less correct. I guess this is another way of inviting death through greed.

Actually, Thief Skill’s <Trap Detection> told me that quite a few of the treasure chests had traps that were at the level I don’t want to touch… That being said, I can’t always avoid touching thing. There’s the possibility that there will be doors with traps that you have to pry open in order to move forward.

If that’s the case, I’ll want some tools, tools that assist all sorts of Thief tasks; something like the thing with the 7 tools.3 Because if I had something like that, then the risk when dismantling should also be reduced …

Later let’s try and investigate if I can reproduce it through Blacksmithing.


When I returned safely in Nexia, talk about the dungeon was being exchanged here and there.

Beginning with discussion about monsters, a number of voices were raised saying that the traps were too brutal. If they didn’t train Thief like me, then they should have ended up crying … There’s quite a bit of hesitation, since when you learn it you have to spend 8 Exp, but thinking on it now, that amount of expenditure was most likely in anticipation of this kind of activity.

Right now, the main part of the player’s discussion is this dungeon’s walkthrough.

Like what monsters with special abilities are yet to come, and what preparations are necessary to deal with going through it in the 1 hour time limit. And finally, the luck with maps … for that you can only pray, though.

Walking this dungeon, when thinking of treasure hunting, you have to dive down in the most efficient way timewise … new items are kind of a given in the depths of the this dungeon; here the devs decided to go with the style of not announcing it until players found them, since it’s obvious. I wonder if anything’s been added from this time.

While watching all the types of people heading towards the dungeon, I put together my thoughts on next time’s prospects and the necessary tools. For now I’ll increase my abilities against traps, na … It looks like the players will be fighting this dungeon for some time to come.


[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv7

[Kicking Assault]Lv17



[Small Shield]Lv 3


[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv22



[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills




[Advanced Cookin]Lv1

ExP 9

Titles Possessed: The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone

His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”

A/N: Challenge from the Dead Special Rules Part 2:

There are also trapped doors that are one-way only.

After entering them one way, when you try to return it becomes just a wall.

It’s a trap because, once you opened it, even if you clear the quest in the room you just entered, it won’t open. Trapped doors begin to appear on the 3rd floor down; from the 7th floor down they increase.

A person with great luck might be able to avoid meeting any … that’s the kind of frequency this trap has. Extra Edition; Forums

Challenge from the Dead Information Forum No. 4

1: This is a forum to gather information related to the Challenge from the Dead.

Absolutely no trolls. Since 950 people had posted, I made the next thread.


144: Gathering together all the info we have at the moment; having Thief Skill is absolutely necessary, always assume there’s traps, and don’t say Thief Skill is overkill; is that OK?

145: That’s about it, right?

For the monsters, Zombies and Skeletons are weak, but Wights and Soldier Skeletons are about medium.

146: Actually, forget monsters, death by traps is a lot more-ish?

147: Traps are scarier, ne, at least for now. Some nasty guys might come out in the floors we haven’t got to further down, though.

148: No one has the impossible Thief Skill required, naiwa-.

149: Even in my Guild no one’s taken it, so we’re a wee bit in trouble …

150: “cause it throws all your plans and stuff full-blast out of order; that 8 ExP needed to take it is heavy as shit.

151: But actually, it’s not if you get down to it; even though I thought it would be fine without, I was a dumbass and suicided a few hours ago.

152: >151 what happened?

153: They’re different from all the other traps up until now; you can’t get any sort of feel for them naa, the challenge’s traps.

154: >152, staggering from a landmine I stepped on, I fell into a pitfall that was there and died from the fall damage …

155: > Are you in some old cartoon skit or something? Lol, the total slapstick victim, na, lolololol

156: >154, dumbass; good combo lolol

157: I’m not 154, but since the number of traps really are a lot, you just continue to step on them one after another, ne.

158: Actually, there’s quite a few instant-death combos … when you step on one, it’s over; ridiculous.

159: But traps and all are things that are supposed to be like that … Eh? There’s a game like that na …1

160: 159> don’t say anything more about it.

161: >155&156, I was seriously depressed when I took the hit …? If it was you guys, you’d be depressed too.

162: > MonHouse (monster house) is also properly included, but it’s beyond nasty …

163: >It looks like you can’t exit it, the MonHouse. There’s nothing you can do other than to get completely wiped out.

164: Is it impossible to get people on the otherside of the door to open it so you can leave?

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