Tomoe nods to Seina.

February 20, 2021

“Of course, I will have you participate in the lessons too. It goes without saying, but it is going to be unacceptable that you get lower scores than that of the children. You will be literally dedicating yourselves even if that means sacrificing sleep.” (Tomoe)

“Is it okay to study when we are this old?” (Seina)

“Seriously? That’s quite the demonstration.” (Tigu)

Seina and Tigu were surprised and happy that they will have to study too.

But the part that they not only have to take the lessons together with the children, but also always be one step ahead of them is pretty difficult of a task, which they still haven’t noticed.

It is not like their work as staff members will be decreasing, and an adult learning would require quite the force of will and endurance.

“As long as Waka says there’s the need to train in jobs, we would have to also add subjects to learn about crafting, which inevitably leads to requiring places to learn in.” (Tomoe)

“…It is true that it would be impossible to learn about cooking in the current kitchen we have.” (Seina)

“If it is woodworking, we could do that outside…no, there’s the risk of rain, and the sound would be an annoyance. It would be rough, huh.” (Tigu)

“On top of that, at first it is okay, but we are dealing with children of different ages, aptitudes, and knowledge, so there will be the need to set up a number of grades. This will also require division in locations.” (Tomoe)

“Location division? I think everyone can do this together though.” (Seina)

“Seina, as I said, if you are going to make children of different age, aptitude, and even abilities, take classes together, it would be inefficient.” (Tomoe)

“Really?” (Seina)

“At first, everyone will be together-ja. But the difference in abilities will show up as they learn. Then, it would be better to do class divisions as a step-up that would match their abilities and personal growth, don’t you think?” (Tomoe)

More so, that’s the policy Asora runs when educating and training, but obviously Tomoe didn’t mention that part.

Not yet.

“It is like a race. Sounds interesting. Children, who would get bored repeating what they can already do, would certainly show up after all.” (Tigu)

Tigu seemed to be in favor of the class divisions.

It is in a sense a skipping grade system, but in this kind of start, it does show certain effectiveness.

Of course, Tomoe is also aware of its demerits, but when pushing her own opinion, she won’t go out of her way to bring herself to a lower position.

“Really? A race feels like we are having the children compete with each other, and I don’t like it that much. If possible, it would be better if we were to not have children fall or drop out…” (Seina)

Seina brings out a negative response.

“But living is exactly that, a competition, right? Training for that to a certain extent before going outside doesn’t sound bad, right? In the first place, they are living in an orphanage, they should already understand the harshness of society. Thinking about a system that won’t bring about drop outs will be a job for the future. If you don’t want to have drop outs, you can just support them properly.” (Tomoe)

“I do understand, but…no, you are right. It is not about teaching the competent children, but to teach them about further beyond that. I get it. In the first place, we need the Kuzunoha Company to lead the teaching policy. There’s a lot of things we can’t think of.” (Seina)

“Yeah. The start will be left completely in your hands. That can’t be helped.” (Tigu)

The two understand clearly that this is outside their expertise.

Tomoe had a better evaluation of the two of them compared to people who speak about ideals without being able to do it or knowing about it.

“Well, you are right. We will be leading at first. We were the ones who suggested this, so we have to take responsibility. And so, the conversation jumped a bit too ahead, but what I want you to understand first is the important prerequisite. From today on, I prohibit the acceptance of any new child into the orphanage.” (Tomoe)


“As Waka has already explained, this place is full-ja. Even if we remodel the place, that part won’t change. I even feel like it surpasses a bit than what you can look after, but…I will look the other way on that part. Understand? Anymore is…unacceptable.” (Tomoe)

“I think about 10 more should be okay.” (Seina)

“Not a single one will be allowed. If you break this…” (Tomoe)

She cuts off Seina in an instant.

This is still a difficult way of doing things for Tomoe’s master.


“The Kuzunoha Company will abandon the Weitz Orphanage. We will take our hands off completely. This has been discussed with Lime too-ja.” (Tomoe)

This is the truth.

Tomoe had placed this condition on him as a penalty for getting it over his head and relying on Makoto.

Of course, she also told Lime that he can still assist them on his own accord though.

She obviously isn’t telling them this part on purpose.

“That’s too sudden!” (Seina)

“As long as you keep the promise, there’s no problems. I also wouldn’t want to do anything horrible if possible. Thus, I am asking strictly here.” (Tomoe)


Tomoe is serious.

Her eyes and tone were transmitting this.

The Kuzunoha Company will be cutting all support if even one is added.

“However, the representative Raidou-san…” (Seina)

“-sama. I didn’t say you can act familiar with Waka too.” (Tomoe)

“! Raidou-sama didn’t say anything at all about cutting off the support.” (Seina)

“Waka was terribly worried that he would be too soft on the Weitz Orphanage if he were to be in charge. Therefore, he said before that I would be the one in charge, didn’t he?” (Tomoe)

“…So that’s what he meant…?” (Seina)

Seina had finally noticed that she had poked into an unbelievable thing.

Lime said he was okay with how things were currently.

That if they wanted to create a change, they should first raise their achievements, and then negotiate with Raidou.

But the discussion is done now.

The milk has been spilled.

Regretting what has already occurred won’t make it turn back.

“At this point in time, I won’t be asking for what purpose you wanted to know the true intentions of Waka. In the first place, the fact that you guys didn’t try to stop the reduction of the support from the other places…is the very definition of being spoiled by us, don’t you think?” (Tomoe)


The expression of Seina and Tigu stiffen.

The Kuzunoha Company was providing great support without speaking out.

A support good enough that could fulfill the necessities of the orphanage.

On the other hand, the other companies and rich people that would only put a few gold coins every few years would come appraise the children and demand things.

There were actually many cases where they would take an attitude of cutting them off completely when the relationship got bad.

Seina and Tigu didn’t do this because of self-interest.

However, there certainly were things they could have done if the support with those other people continued.

The feelings of doubting the intentions of the Kuzunoha Company even though they were being spoiled by it were gravely present.

(Well, the cut of the support was also the aim of Rembrandt. It is also true that they were relying on the gold of filthy companies. I won’t say it is solely their fault. Also, if I didn’t put this out strictly, they might have increased it to 300 or even 400. Seeing the memory that showed when they reacted to the perfume, I can’t say I don’t understand their feelings, but…thinking about the fact that we haven’t even finished the step of buying the land in the area, and the possibility of them joining Asora, we can’t be soft on them. Even if in foundation is going in a good route for Tamaki.) (Tomoe)

Tomoe remembers a terrible memory.

It was in the memory of Seina and Tigu, and two other staff members.

-Aah, you have a good face there. Then, I will be taking that boy. I will spare you. I will be coming again. I am looking forward to my most beloved expression.

-Hey, I will let you choose. You or him. Who should I kidnap? Kufufu, right. You want to be spared, right? Since you asked, I will grant it for you. Fufufufu.

-That’s no good. Screaming like that. See, the adults have woken up now. Aah, so pitiful. Because of you, everyone will die. Even though I don’t find killing as fun at all. Aah, what a shame. The time to kidnap you is gone now. I will come again.

-What a good child. As long as you offer me the children that I like, no one dies. This is a necessary sacrifice. You are smart, so you understand. Oh? Even though you are doing the correct thing, why are you grinding your teeth? Is there a need to cry? You are saving the other children here, you know?

It was the elf Makoto had informed her about, Rio.

He has been kidnapping children regularly.

He has been coming to the Weitz Orphanage over and over as well.

He would always show up to a child or staff member and have them perpetrate it.

With that same smell, he would come alone, and kidnap children while enjoying a conversation.

For the staff members, it was one of their worst memories.

-This child will be becoming a slave. Even though they are a hyuman.

-I sometimes sell hyuman slaves to demi-humans. Can you imagine what kind of treatment they get?

-If they aren’t sold in 1 year, they are disposed of. It means bye bye.

If they had begun the meeting with a scent that brings back such memories, it could have turned into an even more terrible situation than just one or two insults.

Tomoe sighs.

As always, the strange fate of her master was going strong.

Then, she chuckled.

But this time around, he is passing the situation while playing with the children.

(It won’t be long before there’s a breakdown with that elf. Well, as for me, as long as I can secure hyuman children for the sake of my children…ah, no good no good. If I were to just line up what I am saying, there’s not much difference from that elf. Hmm…looks like those two are about to yield.) (Tomoe)

“Uhm, Tomoe-san, if the support of the Kuzunoha Company is gone right now, the children won’t even be able to eat.” (Seina)


There’s too many after all.

“Yeah.” (Tomoe)

“We will do our best. We won’t increase the amount of children. So please…” (Seina)

“There’s no need to do your best. Answer with results. If the children increase, it is over. Understood?” (Tomoe)

“There’s even children who are sick and in pain that appear in front of us, you know?!” (Seina)

“Then, you can accept them.” (Tomoe)

“Eh?” (Seina)

“In exchange, make one child leave.” (Tomoe)

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